I’ve always been drawn to help others, and sometimes that meant driving them nuts (no pun intended there) and maybe interfering in their lives a little too much, even though I had the best of intentions.

I’m pretty sure the desire to work in the wellbeing industry is another brach of that tree, that need to help others. It makes me so happy to improve someone’s life in a small way by getting them involved in a surf trip or a paddle boarding session, or meeting for a glass of wine and a chat! Or in the bigger, more profound ways by guiding them along their soul journey through yoga courses and sound healing retreats.

Big or small, it doesn’t really matter, it’s all about putting a smile on someone’s face or easing the burden of their health problems.

However, I have been warned on numerous occasions that giving all the time will burn me out. I’ve been reminded by reiki healers, massage therapists, colleagues and often by my own body and mind, that it’s vital to look after myself as well.

You can’t pour from an empty cup…

Think of the safety demonstration on a plane, where we are reminded to put our own oxygen mask on before attending to others. It’s no different in our daily lives. We are no good to anyone if we get to a point that we are so tired or malnourished that we feel overwhelmed by the decisions to be made, the list of tasks that need to be actioned, getting dressed, going outside the front door… do you see where I’m going with this?

I’ve noticed a tendency lately to just keep on working. In this social media age there’s ALWAYS another job that we can be doing, another post, another advertisement for an event, another blog post. Yep, I’m doing it again! I’ve even turned to upcycling, decorating and gardening as my ‘rest’ activities (you can see the irony there!), and while I love these activities and find them very therapeutic, skipping meals because I can’t tear myself away from the project, or constructing furniture until 2am because I really want to see the finished product, this eventually catches up with me and then I’m really upset with myself for letting it happen!

So today I’m indulging in the simple art of food. Whipping up a batch of home-made granola that I learned to make while at Wild Atlantic Way Yoga always makes me feel happy. I know it’s healthy and nourishing and it makes my tastebuds happy too. And I don’t know where I’d be without my Nutribullet, because there’s nothing a green smoothie cant fix!

Overnight oats, buckwheat porridge, lentil dahl, roast veggies – this will all be happening today to make sure I’m well fed over the coming days, with minimal time and effort required once the batch prep is done. Winning!

So I guess what I wanted to say here today is, don’t neglect yourself. It’s not worth it, it’s counterproductive, it will effect your moods, your energy levels, your gut and your immune system.

Eat well, nourish your body and your mind, stay hydrated, stop scrolling on Facebook, be sure to get enough rest, and do something you love at least once per day! Even if that’s as simple as drinking a healthy smoothie.

Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential.