Live in the present with Yoga

There’s a lot of confusion in the world at the moment. Or rather, a lot of the pre-existing pain and suffering is being brought to the surface for a lot of us. This can be very triggering and bring up difficult emotions.

We MUST take responsibility for our own pain, our own wounds, our own trauma. Nobody can ‘fix’ you or ‘make’ you feel whole, except yourself.

If we learn to create the space to allow our subconscious to gently reveal our deepest, darkest secrets to us, we can free ourselves from behavioral patterns that cause us unnecessary pain.

Hurt people hurt people – I think we’ve probably all heard that saying by now. And it’s so true. We act out our pain and project it onto others, often because we simply don’t know what else to do with that pain or we are not conscious of what we are doing.

What if you could learn to be present, move your body gently, while also allowing your subconscious to reveal to you all the things you are ready to heal, ready to let go of, or maybe need some extra support to deal with.

Yoga helps us create that space where we can allow our bodies to reveal the physical pain or tension, while also opening ourselves up to a conversation with our body and our subconscious, to understand ourselves better.

Come to yoga class and from the comfort of your own home allow me to support you in that process.

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