What Yoga can teach us

What’s the point of life? The million dollar question, hey? There’s so much suffering in this world, on so many levels and we can only really experience our reality through our own eyes and our own experiences.

Why do we feel the way we feel?
Why do we respond the way we do?
Are we dwelling too much on our own suffering?
Should we be better? Do better? Appreciate more? Achieve more?
Are we here to help others? How can we help? And how can we help without depleting ourselves?
Is it unkind to detach? Is it safe to express ourselves? Is it ok to feel sad? To feel lost?
Who am I to tell you the answers to these questions? Just one human who feels too much, and is all the time learning about the human condition.

But… I have been guided through life by something, someone, a force bigger than myself, bigger than all of us. I have been privileged to become a yoga teacher and to support others on their journey for the last 14 years. The only thing that makes sense to me is to support others to reduce their suffering in some way, to open their hearts and to experience more joy in this life.

I’m super conscious of ego and the importance of recognising when we are acting out of ego and not out of love. For that reason I don’t advertise my yoga classes a lot. I’m not comfortable selling myself or putting images of myself on social media to attract new yogis. Because it’s not about me, and you don’t have to be like me, look like me, move in the same way as me, in order to connect with me, nor to connect with yourself!

But I’m learning all the time, learning how many people are out there looking for the same connection as me and my yogis, yearning for something but not quite sure what it is, knowing that there must be more to this life, but not really sure what. For that reason I’m sharing this with you now.

If you would like support to connect with your inner wisdom,
to learn to listen to your own body,
learn to sit with your feelings,
open yourself up to the energy of the universe,
open yourself up to new ways of thinking,
to move your body in a way that works for you,
to become more flexible in body and in mind,
to raise your vibrations.

If you would like a supportive and non-judgemental environment in which to work on all of these aspects, then I would be privileged to be your guide and your support.

Yoga is much more than movement or exercise. It’s a tool for learning on a different level, for connection with ourselves, each other and our planet, for gently exploring our spiritual selves, our higher selves and maybe even opening up to gaining some insight into our individual and collective purpose here on this planet.

Allow me to fulfil my purpose on this planet, by sharing with you the tools and techniques to go a little deeper into yourself. Come join us on this journey every Tues day and Thursday evening, online via zoom. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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