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About Us

A desire to live more mindfully and strengthen the mind-body connection

Aideen is a passionate yoga instructor, personal trainer and holistic practitioner, with a desire to help her clients to live more mindfully, to feel more comfortable in their own skin, to strengthen the mind-body connection and live their best life.

“My job as your yoga instructor is to guide and support you in your own process of self-discovery. I’m not just talking you through different poses and postures, I’m facilitating you to have a conversation with your own body, to move, to understand where you are physically stuck, but also where you may be emotionally stuck.

We breathe, we move, we figure out what the body needs on that day, try different variations of poses to find what works best for you, and then we meditate or practice mindfulness and take a note of what we can do outside of class to help our body feels happier and/or to release emotional tension.”

Having embarked on a number of travelling adventures, Aideen saw how different the pace of life can be in different countries. On returning home, it was clear that many people in Ireland need support to slow down and take care of themselves. Aideen had been practicing yoga since her teens and qualified as a yoga instructor early in her finance career. She soon decided it was time to take her practice to the people and left her corporate career behind to set up Beautiful Life.

Now with over 13 years of yoga teaching experience, you are in good hands with Beautiful Life Yoga.

Aideen is also a qualified Personal Trainer and Manual Lymph Drainage therapist. You can visit her MLD website here. She has completed higher qualifications in Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic, Swedish and Pregnancy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Kinesio-taping, Personal Training and Fitness Instruction and she holds a degree in International Business with Languages.

A free spirit at heart, Aideen loves to travel and anytime she’s not working – and sometimes when she is – she can be found at some exotic location, surfing, practicing yoga, or both! Exploring the planet is a well-spring of inspiration for Aideen, the beauty of which she is keen to share with others.

Customer Reviews

Had my first outdoor yoga class with Aideen this morning in St Anne’s Park at the Red Stables. It was a fantastic class. Aideen is a great teacher that made me feel at ease in my abilities. I couldn’t recommend Aideen enough!

Dee Nix

I took part in a yoga/surf weekend last October in Bundoran. Although it was the depths of winter Aideen gave us all the warmest welcome, showed us the best pubs, brought us all out to lunch and just generally made sure everyone was having a great time. The morning yoga really eased us into our afternoon surf, warmed the body and soul for the cold Atlantic waters. I left feeling energised and excited for my next Beautiful Life Yoga adventure.

Edel Murray

Can’t recommend Aideen enough! Talented lady, the most relaxing & effective yoga class I have ever been too.

Ali Reede Carroll


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