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Corporate Well-Being

A regular yoga practice can help employees reduce stress and improve focus

In a demanding corporate environment, it is becoming increasingly necessary for corporate employers to provide health & well-being solutions for their employees. Some of the top causes of workplace absenteeism are stress, mental health conditions and back pain. While exercise cannot eliminate these conditions, introducing a workplace well-being programme can help tackle absenteeism while increasing employee engagement.

Yoga is a particularly good choice for corporate well-being programmes due to the mind–body connection that is fundamental to the practice of yoga. Not only do your staff get to work their physical bodies, keeping themselves fit and minimising risk of injury, they also have the opportunity to de-stress and reconnect with their inner being.

A regular yoga practice can help employees to become less stressed and more focussed. They will have more energy, greater physical fitness – and they’ll sleep better at night! When this translates to performing their role to the best of their ability, it is clear how a corporate well-being programme is mutually beneficial to the company and the staff.

Beautiful Life Yoga can offer either 45-minute yoga classes to run over lunch-time or 60-minute classes to be held either ahead of or at the end of the work-day.

IBEC’s Keep Well Mark is an accreditation for organisations to display their commitment to health and well-being in the workplace. Doing so marks you out as an employer of choice for top job candidates and has been shown to have a remarkable impact on the organisations who take part.

Beautiful Life will be happy to work with you to develop a yoga offering suitable for inclusion in the Keep Well Mark programme. We are fully insured and are experienced at developing yoga solutions tailored to our corporate client’s requirements. Having worked for years in the corporate world we have first hand experience of the physical and mental pressure of office life.

Corporate Team Building Yoga & Surf Weekends

Our Yoga & Surf Weekends are available as a corporate team building event. In this unique setting, your team will have the opportunity to connect with themselves and each other while focusing on the people behind the office roles.

Your team will challenge themselves in the water as they learn to surf, support each other through the difficulties that come with trying to stay afloat and accept themselves and each other as they are in our yoga sessions.

As a corporate team building weekend, our Yoga and Surf Weekends put the emphasis on well-being and resilience, two traits of paramount importance to a team’s performance in the corporate sphere.

As a corporate team building weekend, our Yoga and Surf Weekends put the emphasis on well-being and resilience, two traits of paramount importance to a team’s performance in the corporate sphere.

Customer Reviews

Had my first outdoor yoga class with Aideen this morning in St Anne’s Park at the Red Stables. It was a fantastic class. Aideen is a great teacher that made me feel at ease in my abilities. I couldn’t recommend Aideen enough!

Dee Nix

I took part in a yoga/surf weekend last October in Bundoran. Although it was the depths of winter Aideen gave us all the warmest welcome, showed us the best pubs, brought us all out to lunch and just generally made sure everyone was having a great time. The morning yoga really eased us into our afternoon surf, warmed the body and soul for the cold Atlantic waters. I left feeling energised and excited for my next Beautiful Life Yoga adventure.

Edel Murray

Can’t recommend Aideen enough! Talented lady, the most relaxing & effective yoga class I have ever been too.

Ali Reede Carroll


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