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Yoga & Surf Weekends

Beautiful Life’s Yoga & Surf Weekends!

Need some down-time badly, but can’t just jet off for a week in the sun at a moment’s notice? We have the ideal alternative, Beautiful Life’s Yoga & Surf Weekends! Introduced in 2018, these weekend breaks have become a firm favourite with our clients.

So many of us struggle to keep our work/life balance in check all of the time. While we might be good at looking after ourselves in some aspects of our lives, naturally, other areas tend to suffer. This see-saw effect of self-care to self-destruction repeated over and over wears us down with time. This is when we start to see and feel the effects of burnout.

What if, in addition to your weekly classes and healthy diet, you schedule some ‘me-time’ into your diary through-out the year? Our Yoga and Surf Weekends provide you with the ideal opportunity to switch off and look after yourself while having lots of fun!

Being healthy doesn’t need to be all about deprivation! On the contrary, a beautiful life is meant to be embraced for all of the wonderful experiences it has to offer.

Our Yoga and Surf Weekends are held in conjunction with Bundoran Surf Co. Located in Bundoran, this weekend is an ideal opportunity to take in the scenic surrounds of Donegal’s coastline.

Our weekends run Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and include the cost of surf equipment.

We also offer trips and retreats around Ireland and abroad.

  • When you join a Beautiful Life Yoga & Surf Weekend you are guaranteed:
    • Fun
    • Connection to Your Body
    • Sea
    • Delicious Food
    • Sand
    • Like-minded People
    • Good Vibes
    • Head Space

Customer Reviews

Had my first outdoor yoga class with Aideen this morning in St Anne’s Park at the Red Stables. It was a fantastic class. Aideen is a great teacher that made me feel at ease in my abilities. I couldn’t recommend Aideen enough!

Dee Nix

I took part in a yoga/surf weekend last October in Bundoran. Although it was the depths of winter Aideen gave us all the warmest welcome, showed us the best pubs, brought us all out to lunch and just generally made sure everyone was having a great time. The morning yoga really eased us into our afternoon surf, warmed the body and soul for the cold Atlantic waters. I left feeling energised and excited for my next Beautiful Life Yoga adventure.

Edel Murray

Can’t recommend Aideen enough! Talented lady, the most relaxing & effective yoga class I have ever been too.

Ali Reede Carroll


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