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“I’ve only ever done yoga a few times in my life but never quite got into it and always felt awkward in classes and uncomfortable. I joined Aideen’s, and only after one session… I was hooked!! What I enjoyed about the class is that Aideen was aware of my injuries and instead of just running through the poses, she also gave alternatives (instead of me trying to force myself into positions that were too difficult which I had done in the past!). I didn’t feel I was being rushed through the poses as each one she explained in detail and broke it down. I left the class feeling calm, relaxed & excited that I was actually looking forward to making yoga my new thing. I look forward to seeing how I progress this year. Thank you Aideen !! Xx”

Had my first outdoor yoga class with Aideen this morning in St Anne’s Park at the Red Stables. It was a fantastic class. Aideen is a great teacher that made me feel at ease in my abilities. I couldn’t recommend Aideen enough!

Dee Nix


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