Hatha Yoga

Yoga is a set of physical, mental and spiritual rituals which originated in the Hindu culture of India some 26,000 years ago. It involves moving the body in slow and controlled movements while quietening the mind to become present. The word yoga means to unite, and this represents the communion of body and spirit that occurs during the practice.


The word Hatha in Sanskrit means ‘forceful’, however, in modern usage, Hatha Yoga is a very broad term applied to a wide range of gentle forms of yoga.

As an exercise regime, yoga is a great option for a number of reasons.


  • Yoga works your body and mind
  • Yoga is not physically strenuous
  • Yoga is suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels
  • Yoga gives you a whole-body workout
  • Yoga does not require a lot of expensive equipment
  • You can practice yoga just about anywhere
  • Once you have learned the stretches and poses you can practice them at home

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are substantial.
With regular practice, yoga can help to:


  • Improve muscle tone and strength
  • Promote greater flexibility
  • Correct posture
  • Prevent sports injuries
  • Recover from sports injuries
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Promote a positive mindset
  • Improve agility
  • Improve sports performance

There will be some flow, some sequences, some gentle, some deeper.

To conclude each class, we do some meditation/relaxation, followed by some affirmations. We then set some intentions and practical action points which you can take home and implement into your daily life (should you choose to do so).

This class caters to all levels.


Each class begins with breathing techniques to help us slow down and get into the zone. By slowing our breath, it allows us to move into the postures and stretches in a more mindful way, connecting with our bodies and sensing the breadth of our current abilities.


To allow all participants to get the maximum enjoyment and impact from their yoga practice, I demonstrate two or three variations of the poses. This ensures that those who are just starting out or who are rehabilitating injuries are catered for just as equally as those who are in a position to challenge themselves. We are all different, and we are often different on different days!




8-week course

River Holistic Centre

Tuesday, 10.00 – 11.00 am.

8-week course, €100.00

Drop-in, subject to space, €15 per class.

Next 8-week course commences 12th March.

Advance booking is essential. Book your place here.

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