A Great Face for Radio! Conscious Living Show

A Great Face for Radio! Conscious Living Show

As a yoga instructor I’m no stranger to holding a room full of people. I do actually get nervous in many public speaking situations, but teaching a class of 7 at the studio, or 40 on the beach, I feel right at home!

Recently though, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on a radio show and I absolutely LOVED it…

The Conscious Living Show is hosted by Liz Dillon Valloor on Dublin City 103.2FM and it airs at 7.30pm every Friday. It’s pre-recorded, so no need to be nervous, right? But the first time I went in there I was pretty anxious and not at all looking forward to hearing my own voice on the radio and t’internet (the recordings are posted to Soundcloud). I really don’t like the sound of my own voice… which is why you’ll rarely see me doing Facebook lives and why getting my YouTube videos recorded is like trying to get blood from a stone.

But Liz made me feel so comfortable. It was just like having a chat across the table and once I started answering her questions and talking about my work, my passions and some of the sad tales of my past that now bring me to tears of laughter rather than sadness, I could hardly shut myself up when we came to the end of the 30 minute interview. And you know what they say about paying for quality!? Well the equipment in the studio must be pretty good stuff, coz my voice sounded like it was made for radio!

We both had such a good chat and so much more to talk about that I ended up going back twice more. Anyone out there from radio land that’s reading this, if you’re hiring, I’m available!! Ha!

It was wonderful to get the opportunity to share details of my MLD clinic, my surf and yoga weekends, my sound vibration/energy healing retreats and my social events that I started running when I moved back to Ireland and found that I had changed a lot more than I realised while I was away, leaving me with a completely different set of interests than before and not a lot of people to share them with…

Sharing is what it’s all about. Sharing experiences like paddle boarding with like-minded people, and surf trips with beautiful souls, sharing the joy of living your life and enjoying it to the max. So, continuing the theme of sharing, I now share with you all the recordings of the three shows I recorded with Liz. I share with you my story, my journey in life and some of the fun and life-changing trips and retreats that I offer.

Please enjoy:

February 2019 – Heart Shaped Fruit and Pockets Full of Jewels

April 2019 – Everything from Lymphatic Drainage to GirlCrew and Surf Trips to Sound Healing

July 2019 – Vibes and Vines – Living Life More Fully



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