What can I guarantee? ….To be authentically me

The last 18 months or so, with all the challenges it has brought, I think many of us have been overloaded with information. I’ve been sensitive to this overload all my life, which actually led me to remove the television from my home many years ago. But with increased isolation during 2020 I definitely became more dependent on my phone and social media, and I soon felt myself completely jaded yet again.

I hate that we’ve developed a culture of false-ness – filtered photos, false claims about products, sexing everything up just to try and compete in the online market. For a long time I’ve just opted out. I won’t do it. I won’t sell my soul just to earn a living, no thank you, I have principles.

But where does that leave the people that I know I can help? Do I have to choose between having a massive ego and presenting myself to the world as the only person who can help you versus being true and hones  and thereby not standing out in the crowd? – I’m better than everyone else, everyone else is wrong, I can twist my body into more complicated yoga poses, I have the most ripped abs, me me me me me me… I just don’t operate that way and it makes me cringe.

On the flip side, how do I get my message out there if I don’t play the game? Should I play small, avoid blowing my own trumpet, select my words very carefully so as not to promise anything that I simply cannot guarantee? And let’s be honest, there ARE no guarantees.

So, that’s the dilemma.

And today I realised what the answer is, so here I bare my soul to you all in the hopes that truth,
honesty, integrity and humility will prevail:

I CAN guarantee:
I will never make a promise I can’t keep.
I will never overstate what I can do for you.
I will never lie or manipulate facts to get a sale.
I always see the individual that needs my support, not just a number, a stat, part of a sales funnel.
I always set pricing at what is fair, all things considered, not what I think I can get as a result of
high demand and low supply (and vice versa).
I will never forget that my aim is to help improve the lives of others.
Empowering others is at the core of everything I do, NOT making them dependent on me for life.
If I don’t know the answer/solution, I will be honest about that.
I live to serve – I will never stop trying to improve my services based on your feedback.

These are the things I can promise you with hand on heart.

I can give honest guidance and various progression plans, but I cannot promise:

how much weight you will lose if you train with me, nor how quickly. how quickly you’ll progress in my yoga classes.
how well you’ll be able to apply what you learn to your daily life.
that you will never get lymphedema if you follow the plan in my online course.
how much you will reduce your lymphedema if you follow the plan in my online course.
how much fun you will have on one of my trips or retreats.

I can’t make these promises because I can’t control the outcome. We have to do that together, both of us. And adapt along the way if necessary, to find what truly works for you as an individual. And this is why I’m so suspicious of anyone or anything making blanket promises. It’s just marketing, it’s a gimmick, a false-promise.

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