The Benefits of Online Yoga

Online yoga means – your time, your place … and you can wear what you like!

Practice anytime, anywhere – in your bedroom, in your PJs, in the morning, at night – the opportunities are endlessss! In times of Covid19 lockdown, online yoga classess allows us to maintain a connection with others and engage in a practice that is beneficial for both mind and body.

Most people who practise yoga will point to how it can drastically improve your well-being, posture, and strengthen both your body and mind. However, you can also enjoy more balance in your life, clear your mind, reduce stress, or just simply relax with yoga.

If you can’t travel to classes, why not get online yoga classes?

Online yoga classes allow you to grow in your practice in a comfortable aura of your home. Whether you are just a beginner or taking your yoga practice in an advanced level, or yoga is something new  for you, building space to develop your own relationship with yoga increases your experience and develops a deep personal relationship.

Practising on your own gives you the chance to really tune into your own body without making comparisons or worrying about what you look like in a pose. This is ideal if groups are not your thing.

At home, you can set up your practice area just how you like it. Pick your own music, use candles, incense or symbolic objects or photographs that inspire you – or choose to keep it simple – your choice!

More and more people are heading online to make connections, stay motivated, find community, and keep healthy. Even before COVID-19 our world was shifting online, but now it’s become virtual even faster! Companies have shifted to remote work, and Beautiful Life Yoga offers live online guided yoga classes. Including these virtual yoga classes as part of your employee assistance program can be a great way to keep your remote workforce healthy.

Beautiful Life Yoga offers both morning and night time online yoga classes via Zoom.

Live-streamed via Zoom

Tuesdays: 10.00 – 11.15, 20.00 – 21.15

Thursdays: 20.00 – 21.15

Join us for online live-streamed classes for learning a new way of life and a like minded community.

You can sign up now for online classes here.

View Aideen below guiding a  10 minute sequence to help strengthen back of the shoulders, correcting imbalances where we have too much front loading or we over-work the front/anterior deltoids and biceps.


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