Spend seven days in the dramatic Irish Atlantic coast exploring, expanding, freeing and accepting your voice.  Go home with clarity of thought… a sense of freedom having recognised and released old emotional patterns that have been holding you back, and more confidence in who you are and how you express yourself.

Held in a small group with a maximum of 7 attendees, you will support each other through the powerful shifts of voice and mindset through a combination of daily sounding, sonic meditation, and yoga practice to connect you to your true, whole, embodied voice.

If you want to be able to express yourself with more confidence, get clarity in your life or business, and discover the power of your voice sound-vibration… then this retreat is for you.

The retreat is held over seven days, at the Wild Atlantic Way Yoga Centre, close to Kinsale, just a 35minute drive from Cork International Airport.

On each day you will be exploring, expanding, freeing and accepting your voice through your relationship to your voice-vibration, where it lives and where it’s trapped in your body.   Focusing on one chakra each day you will be working with:

  • Voice-Vibration Sound Healing Find where in your body you hide energetic emotional tension and memories, the reflections and remnants of past connections.  This is the core element of the retreat – to be able to explore and expand your voice, to find and free your true voice so that, moving forward, you can express yourself with confidence connected to your deepest truth and higher purpose.
  • Journaling The freedom of writing everything that you feel without judgment, and the power of being able to see and read back your own transitions, experiences, awareness’s and moments of clarity, insight and sparks of bright ideas – journaling is an integral part of both the process, and finding your voice – you might write what you would never actually say.
  • Sharing Within the group, as you share what came up for you, what you experienced in the sounding, so your realisations and ‘Ah-Ha’ moments help others in the group find, or absorb their own.
  • Yoga Sessions Physically connect to, open up, and create space in each chakra so that you can release the physical holdings you discover and in creating greater connection to your body, so have the ability to use more of your voice.
  • Crystal Energy You will be gifted with a crystal to work with for each chakra, a tool to use support your transitions, or through which to transfer the energy you no longer want to hold on to.
  • Subconscious Drawing Sometimes we don’t know how to say it with words, so being able to choose colours and scribble what’s inside is a great way of starting to acknowledge what is residing where we can’t see it.There will also be time for
  • Vocal Confidence Coaching If there is something specific you would like to be able to express, that you currently leave unsaid – or situations in which you would like to be more confident expressing yourself, there are sessions in which you can explore nerve management and finding new ways to share what you have to say.
  • Holistic Therapy You may book an extra session of Sound Healing (sound, reiki & positive touch) or Vocal Confidence or Life-Coaching with me, or MLD or Massage with Aideen (these are not included in the package).

Spaces start from €1,785  including meals, accommodation, sound sessions, meditation crystals and sonic meditation CD:

Single shared = €1,785
Double shared = €1,900
Private room = € 1,959