Life in Lockdown can be stressful. And let’s face it, everything’s a bit up in the air right now!

Let me help you get grounded and steal some zen once or twice per week.

I’ve taken my Tuesday morning classes online, and added two evening class too. So you can log in from the comfort of your own home. All you need is some floor space, your mat, and a laptop. Classes are live-streamed, not pre-recorded, so you can ask questions and I can still keep an eye on you.

Drop-in for €15

OR get 4 classes for the price of 3 = €45

***From 26th May you can now also attend 2 classes per week for a little bit extra – 8 classes for €55 (2 classes per week, for 4 weeks)

Tuesdays at 10am

Tuesdays at 8pm

Thursdays at 8pm

Reduced rates are available for anyone who’s found themselves out of work as a result of the pandemic, so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this option.

10am every Tuesday – this is a fairly gentle class, to wake up the body and get you moving and loosened up a bit. We have a bit of meditation or relaxation at the end of each class. The bonus of doing this online? We are not restricted to one hour like we would be in the studio, plus you can stay in meditation after class for as long as you like! I’ll get you in the zone and then leave you to it.

8pm every Tuesday and Thursday – very similar to the morning class, but we can get a bit more into deeper stretches and some relatively easy sequences, as our bodies have already been moving throughout the day (we tend to be stiffer in the morning after sleeping during the night). I’ll show you different variations so you can choose how deep you want to stretch or how technical you want to get each week. I guide, you decide. Plus, you can get straight into bed after class if you like, or just chill in meditation a little longer into the evening. How great is that! Class tend to be about 70 to 75 minutes.

And don’t worry about being abandoned when we finally get back to normal life. Even when my normal schedule resumes, I can still stick to this online yoga class schedule.

Contact me to register.

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you soon.